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Independent Business Advice, Coaching and Business Owner Peer Group Facilitation

What Can Pat Duffy Do For Me?

Not an unreasonable question to ask. Over a number of years, Pat has used the skills developed as a corporate troubleshooter in his early career to help SME’s and become familiar with the SME landscape in Ireland. Pat Duffy has built up a customer base of businesses who use him as a sounding board, business advisor, troubleshooter and coach. He is looking to add new customers so that all his existing customers benefit from a broad range of generally non-competing SME’s.
The following core principles apply:

About Pat

Pat Duffy has worked exclusively providing coaching and other professional services to business owners in Ireland since 2016. Pat is a certified business coach and an ICT industry veteran. From 2016 to 2023, Pat owned and operated a franchise with the global leader in business owner peer board and coaching services. He took the opportunity to make his business fully independent in September 2023.

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Our Services

Pat offers a wide range of services, including individual coaching, peer groups, management team meetings, and strategic planning, all designed to empower your organisation for success.

It Starts With A No Obligation Conversation

Having the experience, knowledge, and flexibility to help you with business transformation, hybrid workplace strategy, technology implementation and adoption. Pat will work with you to make your business thrive.

Pat's Blogs

Typical Stages in the Business Owner Journey

Every business has a unique story for how it got to where it is today and has an equally unique path in front of it. This generic business owner journey is intended to sign-post what is possible while highlighting some of the typical challenges along the journey to growing a medium sized business.

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